CLUG Meeting 2018-09-12

Location: UA South, Learning Resource Center

Date: Wednesday, September 09, 2018

Meeting Minutes:

Attendees: 9

Upcoming CLUG Events:

  • 22 September, CLUG Meeting, 1300-1530, SV Public Library conference room, 2600 E. Tacoma St., Sierra Vista
  • 27 September, Ubuntu Hour, 1800-1900, Schlotzsky‚Äôs Cafe, 3900 Fry Blvd., Sierra Vista
  • 10 October, CLUG Meeting, 1700-1800 UA South, Learning Resource Center, 1140 N. Colombo Ave., Sierra Vista
  • 03 November, Installfest, 1100-1500, SV Public Library, Mona Bishop Room, 2600 E. Tacoma St., Sierra Vista


  • Gene asked a question concerning creating additional bootable flash drives from an already existing bootable flash drive that had tools for repairing computers on it. It was agreed that the easiest and quickest way was to use the dd command in the terminal. Remembering of course that the flash drive that you are copying to must be the same size or larger than the one that you are copying from. The exact command is: sudo dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sdb (where sdc is the input file or the flash drive that you are copying and sdb is the output file or the flash drive that you are copying to)

  • A question was raised at the last meeting as to how to best serve a newbie to Linux when it came to passwords. The easiest way for us as installers would be to use a simple generic password such as 1234 and hand the client a piece of paper explaining how to change the sudo password once they returned to their home. After looking at the procedure to change the sudo password, it was felt that might be a bit much for a new Linux user to take on. A second option would be to write the user name and password that they originate on a stickie note and attach it to the computer screen. It was felt that while this was relatively easy, there was some experience when we used this in the past that the client somehow misplaced or lost the paper and/or could not remember the password. The solution agreed upon was to create a second post installation sheet with the sudo user name and password that we created and procedures to change it and give it to the client. While this solution also runs the risk of the client losing the paper, it becomes relatively easy to recreate it. We will try this at the next installfest.

  • Rex and Rose made a trip to Sunsites at the request of John Chapman, from Cochise who believed that there was enough interest there to conduct an Installfest. After getting briefed by the Sunsites Community Branch Librarian, Sharon Arthur, it appears that if there is sufficient interest an Installfest can be held there. However, first we should give a presentation there on Introduction to Linux and have people sign up to have a Linux operating system installed on their computers. The Installfest will be conducted at some future date. The meeting room only holds 20 people so seating will be limited. If there is sufficient interest the presentation can be repeated. Greg and Tommy expressed an interest in traveling to Sunsites for the presentation. If you are interested in assisting please contact Rex.

  • Based on an email that David sent to the mailing list, Rex has resurrected a presentation on some of the directories that are in a Linux system and what files that they contain. This will be tentatively scheduled for the next CLUG meeting (22 September 2018 at the Sierra Vista Public Library conference room).


  • We reconvened at Peter Piper Pizza to enjoy some nourishment and continue discussing both Linux and non-Linux related topics.

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