About Us

We are a volunteer organization of Linux users from Cochise County, Arizona. Our goals are to provide a platform for Linux users to talk with other Linux users about their problems and questions, to host presentations from members as well as outside individuals about Free and Open Source Software, and to expand the use of Linux Operating Systems on personal computers through out the county.

Upcoming Events

12/14 6pm Ubuntu Hour
12/26 5pm CLUG Meeting
01/11 6pm Ubuntu Hour
01/23 5pm CLUG Meeting
02/08 6pm Ubuntu Hour
02/27 5pm CLUG Meeting
03/14 6pm Ubuntu Hour
03/26 5pm CLUG Meeting
04/11 6pm Ubuntu Hour
04/23 5pm CLUG Meeting
05/09 6pm Ubuntu Hour
05/28 5pm CLUG Meeting

Monthly Meetings

We host a monthly Ubuntu Hour and conduct one group meeting each month where we give presentations and discuss / troubleshoot everyone's Linux questions. All of our events are (and always will be) free of any cost and open to the public, catering to any skill level or technology background. Our presentations cover a variety of topics, from beginner to advanced (even specialized topics given by Linux professionals). You Can check out our calendar for a list of upcoming events.

Our Goals

Linux Awareness

We promote Linux to people that may not know they have options outside of Windows or Mac. We also inform people of other free and open source software that is available for their current systems.

Linux Support

We offer a growing support network where experienced Linux users can help other users figure out any issues they may be having with their system. This includes installation, configuration, and much more.

Linux Education

We give presentations on a variety of Linux and FOSS topics. These, along with the group as a whole, are completely free of charge and are open to anyone who wishes to attend.