CLUG Meeting 2022-08-17

Location: Warrior Healing Center, 1838 Paseo San Luis, Sierra Vista

Date: Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Meeting Minutes:

Attendees: 8 attendees. One new person.

Upcoming CLUG Events:

  • 27 August, CLUG Meeting, 1300-1500, 143 Street Tacos, 80 S. Carmichael Ave., Sierra Vista
  • 08 September, Ubuntu Hour, 1800-1900, Schlotzsky’s, 3900 E. Fry Blvd., Sierra Vista
  • 24 September, CLUG Meeting, 1300-1500, 143 Street Tacos, 80 S. Carmichael Ave., Sierra Vista

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  • CLUG website:
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  • We now have a total of 4 desktop computers (with Ubuntu installed) and 2 laptops (one with Ubuntu installed and one with Xubuntu installed) that are ready for donation. We also have 2 each 32 bit desktops (one with MX Linux and one with LMDE 5 installed) that are ready. In addition we have a Microsoft Surface Pro (first gen with Win8.1) that is not upgradeable, an Apple laptop, and an ASUS Chrome Book that can have a Linux distro installed on them.


  • We discussed the option of moving our monthly meetings to a weekday (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) starting at 1700 or 1800 or retaining the Saturday meeting starting at 1300. A straw poll was taken among those present and the result was 4 Tuesday, 3 Wednesday, and 1 Saturday. It was decided to submit a poll to the mailing list to see what the general membership desires. Action: Rex.
  • Discussed the option of making another attempt to get high school students involved in the organization. It was generally agree that we should make another attempt starting with Buena. Action: Gene.

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