Computer Workshop

The Cochise Linux User Group, CLUG, conducted a Computer Workshop on Monday, 24 May 2021 at the Warrior Healing Center, 1838 Paseo San Luis, Sierra Vista AZ. Four people attended the event.


  • Computers and computer accessories were donated by a company going out of business. We received 5 laptops and 1 tablet, monitors, keyboards, mice, and numerous cables and adapters.
  • Because we received these items on 21 May, and our next CLUG meeting was on Saturday 22 May there was little time to plan a full blown workshop so four members volunteered to sort and test the donated equipment on Monday 24 May.
  • Two desktop computers were donated during the conduct of the workshop from a lady that was attempting to clear her parents estate.


  • All 5 laptops were found to be capable of a Ubuntu install. However, the 3 Lenovo laptops (all 3 are I-3s with 8 GB of RAM, and 320 GB hard drives) do not have ac adapters. We are in need of 3 ac adapters that will fit these laptops.
  • Ubuntu installed on one Dell Laptop.
  • The Dell tablet would not even turn on. It needs further work.
  • The 2 desktops were extremely old and found to be unsuitable for a Linux install. They were however donated to a veteran who only wanted to use them to play old DOS and Microsoft games.
  • Four monitors were tested and found to be acceptable
  • Thirteen donated keyboards were tested and found to be acceptable.
  • Four mice were tested and found to be acceptable.
  • Twelve desktop hard drives were tested and 10 were found to be acceptable. Two were discarded.
  • Eight laptop hard drives were tested and found to be acceptable.
  • Three SSD drives were tested and 2 were found to be acceptable. One was discarded.
  • In addition we now have six switches all of which are fully functional.

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