Computer Repair Install Workshop

The Cochise Linux User Group, CLUG, conducted a Computer Repair and Install Workshop on Saturday, 03 August 2019 at the Warrior Healing Center, 1838 Paseo San Luis, Sierra Vista AZ. Eleven people attended the event.


  • Reserved the conference room at the Warrior Healing Center. Since very little activity occurs there on the weekends, this was relatively easy to do. Merely signed up on the sheet attached to the door.
  • Moved the laptops and spare parts to the Center.
  • Sent notice to the mailing list and made an announcement at the CLUG meeting.
  • The workshop was also publicized on the Center’s Facebook page.


  • The event was held from 1000-1515 on Saturday 03 August 2019. We had initially planned on only four hours but it ran over because of on going installs and updates. We had allowed an hour before to set up the room which was sufficient.
  • Eleven people attended the event.
  • There were 7 installs (1 Ubuntu, 5 Xubuntu, 1 Lubuntu).
  • Four computers were completed to the extent that they are ready to be donated. Two have already been installed in the Center’s computer lab and one was returned to the owner.
  • One Epson printer was configured to print from the owner’s laptop.


  • Because there was no comprehensive list of the computers to be worked on, there was still people jumping from one to another. Create a spread sheet with all the appropriate data on it for the computers that are to be worked on.
  • Assign a “Gate-Keeper” to sign out computers and sign them back in after they have been completed.
  • There were insufficient laptop power cables to go around. Attempt to obtain power cables for all the computers.
  • There is no wired Internet capability in the Center’s computer lab. Install a remote access point there and run Cat-5 cable to the desktops installed there to enable Internet access.
  • There was a shortage of RAM sticks available. Attempt to obtain additional RAM (especially DDR3).

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