CLUG Meeting 2018-05-09

Location: UA South, Learning Resource Center

Date: Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Meeting Minutes:

Attendees: 11 (2 new people)

Upcoming CLUG Events:

  • 19 May, CLUG Meeting, 1300-1545, SV Public Library conference room, 2600 E. Tacoma St., Sierra Vista
  • 24 May, Ubuntu Hour, 1800-1900, Schlotzsky’s Cafe, 3900 Fry Blvd., Sierra Vista
  • 13 June, CLUG Meeting, 1700-1800 UA South, Learning Resource Center, 1140 N. Colombo Ave., Sierra Vista
  • 04 August, Installfest, 1100-1500, SV Public Library Mona Bishop Room, 2600 E. Tacoma St., Sierra Vista

Future Presentations:

  • On 19 May Rex Bouwense will give a presentation on the distro that he has used since October 2010, Lubuntu. That is before it was even recognized by Canonical as an official flavor of Ubuntu. Other members need to step up and give a presentation on the distro that they are using or one that they would perhaps like to use. Please keep it under 30 minutes.

Community Projects Updates:

  • Installfest – (See the After action report on the Activities Page)
  • West End Fair – Two members distributed our newly designed leaflets. Approximately 50 were handed out and we handled numerous questions. The most promising response was from representatives from Berean Academy who wondered if a presentation could be given to students. We said yes. Details will be worked out at some future date.

Recent Linux/FOSS News Items:

  • Canonical has announced that the release of Lubuntu 18.10 will have the desktop environment of LXQT in lieu of LXDE. Now this has been promised since 2015. LXQT is a merge of the Razor and QT projects and is an attempt to modernize the desktop environment and is almost as light as the the current LXDE.


  • How to solve problems or ask questions. The best way is to bring the computer to a CLUG meeting or a Ubuntu Hour. However, there are other options. CLUG has an IRC channel on (#cochiselinux) where questions can be raised. The CLUG has a mailing list that can be used to present problems and find solutions, If you intend to use our the mailing list, remember that a post to it will be sent to the entire mailing list. Give all the appropriate information required and describe your problem or question in detail. If responding to a problem, please use “reply” so all the information on the question can be kept on one thread. Most, if not all Linux distros, have forums that are devoted to solving problems that individuals have with their computers. Ubuntu’s forums are at
  • The CLUG web site has a page that has member photos and very short Bios. It is an opt in page but I encourage you to submit a short Bio and photo if you so desire to either Rex or Devi to be included on the page. Of course if you have outstanding warrants or a former spouse or ex-partner that is looking for you we will understand. If you want to make changes to your current Bio, once again contact Rex or Devi with your change(s) and they will make any necessary corrections.

Problems with your system and/or applications or just questions:

  • A question was raised by Lynn who is using Lubuntu. How can thumbnails of photos be seen when trying to move them from a flash drive to the computer or another flash drive? By default (on Lubuntu) thumbnails are only visible for files under 2MBs. To change that open the file manager (which in Lubuntu is PCMan FM) and then select Edit from the horizontal menu at the top and then Preferences. A new pop-up window will be displayed titled Preferences. Select Display from the Vertical menu on the left. About halfway down the window there is a line that reads “Do not generate thumbnails for files exceeding this size” followed by a number. Merely increase that number to 9999 or whatever number you would like and the thumbnails will become visible.

alt text

  • A question was raised by Gene who is also using Lubuntu. What is the official website for downloading Lubuntu?

alt text

  • A question was raised by Ted who was having problems getting his printer, which is a Hewlett-Packard model, to work with his operating system. Since HP is very Linux friendly and almost all of their printers will run on a Linux system out of the box, it was recommended that he download and install HP Linux Imaging and Printing (HPLIP).

alt text


  • We adjourned to Peter Piper Pizza where we enjoyed some soft drinks and pizza. Discussions on Linux and the CLUG continued to take place. Most notably a suggestion that was made by David Garcia, the designer of our new CLUG leaflet, that we include a section in the minutes on questions asked or problems raised with the solutions offered with screen shots if appropriate.

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