Sierra Vista Installfest

The Cochise Linux User Group, CLUG, in conjunction with the Ubuntu Arizona Local Community Team, AZLOCO, conducted an Installation Festival on Saturday, 28 April at the Sierra Vista Public Library Mona Bishop room. Twenty two people attended the event which resulted in three installs (2 Xubuntu and 1 Lubuntu). In addition a Firefox browser was disabled and Chromium browser was installed. A one on one training session on introduction to Linux was conducted. Individuals were also provided with information on Linux, AZLOCO, and CLUG. Ubuntu SWAG was also distributed.


  • Coordination was done with Susan Abend, Adult Services Librarian, Leisure & Library Services, Sierra Vista Public Library, for use of the Mona Bishop room about four month in advance.

  • Publicizing the event started approximately one month before the event and took the form of flyers that were posted in various locations around town and the Education Center on Fort Huachuca, posting a notice in the Cochise Trading Post, posting a notice on the Sierra Vista Herald/Review’s on line web site (, and sending copies of the flyer to the CLUG mailing list for distribution to their friends and neighbors and at their places of employment and worship.

  • Hardware for the event was on hand from previous Installfests that was donated by various members of the CLUG and AZLOCO . All of the hardware was checked prior to the event for proper fuctioning.

  • Installation media in the form of, DVDs and USB thumb drives, was on hand from previous installfests and was updated to the new version (16.04.4) It was decided not to use the newly released version, 18.04, because of the time constraints of having to download it, create the new install media, and check it for proper functioning.

  • A spare monitor, keyboard, power cable, and mouse was on hand in case they were needed which they were not.


  • Continue to stress that customers must back up any data that they want to keep because it may be lost during a dual boot install and will be lost during a whole disk install. This was not a problem with guests at this Installfest but we will continue to stress this requirement to prevent it from becoming a problem.
  • Continue to conduct training for our members on installation procedures, dual boot and whole disk install. Especially how to free up a partition and enlarge it in a Windows environment.
  • The use of a welcoming station worked well once again.
  • Even though we continue to broadened our publicity we were not satisfied with the turnout. Continue to seek new ways to publicize the event.
  • Continue to look for new locations to hold this event to reach new and perhaps a different audience. The next two installfests will be conducted at the Sierra Vista public library Mona Bishop room. There is no wired Internet there but one can be created using our equipment.

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