CLUG meeting 2016-08-10

Location: UA South, room B159

Date: Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Meeting Minutes

There were eight attendees

Upcoming Events

  • 20 August AZLOCO/PLUG install-fest, 1000-1600, UAT, 2625 W. Baseline Rd, Tempe
  • 25 August Ubuntu Hour, 1800-1900, Schlotzsky’s Cafe, 3900 Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista.
  • 27 August CLUG meeting, 1400-15:45, Sierra Vista public library conference room, 2600 E. Tacoma, Sierra Vista
  • 14 September CLUG meeting, 1700-1800, UA South, Room C165A


  • Three of our folks drove to Tucson on the 31st of July to attend an unofficial Tucson Free Unix Group meeting. There were only four Tucson residents there and we gave them some tips and some CLUG and AZLOCO points of contact as well as our web sites and IRC channels. They agreed to meet twice a month. Not much was accomplished at the first meeting other than that.
  • Who has a presentation ready to give to the group? Who has a subject that that they would like to see covered as a presentation?

    • Raspberry Pi. (Skyler Nix and Randy Britto). Tentatively secheduled for the 27th of August. This is the same presentation that they gave to the UA South a couple of months ago.
    • Gaming in a Linux World (David Garcia). Currently no date scheduled.
    • Mathematics presentation. Perhaps Joe Meditz would be willing to give one.
  • Down the road – AZLOCO & PLUG co-sponsor an install-fest on the first & third Saturdays of each month. Five of our members have attended one. We are exploring the possibility of holding an Install fest/Linux Workshop here in Sierra Vista so to see how they run theirs would be informative. We need a project leader to head that up.

    • Location (can be right next door, but let us look at other locations)
    • Manpower (roughly 6 to 10 individuals).
    • Hours: 1000-1600.
    • The Phoenix folks have promised assistance when we get ready to execute the event.
    • Bruce suggested that we concentrate on a few distros and not try to do anything complicated for this first one (i.e. dual booting)
    • Have to look at wifi availability and band width, power outlets, tables and chairs.
    • Server with ISOs already on it.

Community projects

  • A presentation for high/middle school computer clubs. Still looking for a project leader.
  • Sierra Vista Christmas parade. No additional update at this time. (Louie Garcia)
  • There was a suggestion that we have CLUG cards made up with the web site, IRC channel, and a POC on them. This we can do cheap.
  • We also need a poster to place in the window indicating that the CLUG meets in this particular classroom. We could hang it next to the IEEE flag.