CLUG Meeting 2023-10-24

Location: Warrior Healing Center, 1838 Paseo San Luis, Sierra Vista

Date: Tuesday, 24 October 2023

Meeting Minutes:


  • There were 8 attendees. (2 out of town guests)

Upcoming CLUG Events:

  • 09 November, Ubuntu Hour, 1800-1900, Schlotzsky’s, 3900 E. Fry Blvd.
  • 28 November, CLUG Meeting, 1700-1830, Warrior Healing Center, 1838 Paseo San Luis

Useful CLUG links:

  • CLUG website:
  • CLUG FaceBook Page:
  • CLUG Mailing List Archives:


  • To date we have conducted 186 installs on laptop and desktop computers and donated 118 computers to individuals and groups.
  • We have 44 people on our mailing list and 36 members on our Facebook page.
  • We have 3 desktop computers ready for donation.

Future Presentations:

  • Tethering and Hot Spots by Greg Christ, 28 November
  • Flatpak by Tommy Worthey, TBA
  • VMs by Greg Christ, TBA
  • Endeavor OS by David Garcia, TBA
  • PC Linux by Rex Bouwense, TBA
  • Synaptic Package Manager by Rex Bouwense, TBA


  • Peppermint OS by Rex Bouwense (Slides can be found on our website)


  • Discussed the prospective meeting dates for 2024. There is only one possible conflict and that is 24 December 2024 which is Christmas eve. There has been a recommendation to move it to the 17th. The decision is on hold.
  • Discussed the possibility of having a presentation on the use of Libre Office Calc in the future, as well as one on hardware maintenance from an outside presenter.
  • Rex B gave an update on the Warrior Healing Center’s Proteus Project.
  • David G introduced the attendees to two new browsers Thorium and Mercury.


  • Some of the members retired to Culver’s to enjoy some food and additional conversation. All of which was not necessarily Linux related.

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