CLUG Meeting 2023-03-28

Location: Warrior Healing Center, 1838 Paseo San Luis, Sierra Vista

Date: Tuesday, 28 March 2023

Meeting Minutes:


  • There were 11 attendees.

Upcoming CLUG Events:

  • 13 April, Ubuntu Hour, 1800-1900, Schlotzsky‚Äôs, 3900 E. Fry Blvd.
  • 25 April, CLUG Meeting, 1700-1830, Warrior Healing Center, 1838 Paseo San Luis

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  • CLUG website:
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  • As of today CLUG has conducted 168 installs and donated 99 computers to individuals and groups. The latest donations were to Donna G and Noah K.

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  • CLUG has 41 people on the mailing list and 37 people following our Facebook page.

Future Presentations:

  • Stacer, A Linux Optimizer and Monitoring Tool by George Praggastis on 25 April
  • The Command Line by Noah Klabo on 23 May


  • Copyright by Gene Zasteras


  • There was a discussion about what we can do at the Installfest waiting for someone to come in for assistance. Among the responses were format our extra laptop and desktop hard drives and check the spare video cards that we have for functionality. It was also suggested that we explore the reason why the size of the cursor changes when VLC or any other video player is being used.

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