LinuxWorkshop-Installfest 2022-01-15

The Cochise Linux User Group, CLUG, in conjunction with the Ubuntu Arizona Local Community Team, AZLOCO, conducted a Linux Workshop-Installation Festival on Saturday, 15 January 2022 at the Warrior Healing Center, 1838 Paseo San Luis, Sierra Vista AZ. Seven people attended the event. The purpose of this Linux Workshop/Installfest was to install Ubuntu 20.04 on 3 desktop computers and update 10 computers. Two Ubuntu installations were completed without error. The third was not completed because we could not get the computer to boot. It was put aside for additional work. The 10 computers at the Warrior Healing Center were updated without error. Donuts and coffee were present for the attendees.


  • The wired and wireless internet at the Warrior Healing Center is more than adequate for the conduct of our installfests.
  • The group has additional switches, a spare monitor, spare VGA, DVI, and HDMI cables, spare power cables, two spare keyboards (one of which has a P2 connector), and a spare mouse should any be required because an individual failed to bring the necessary equipment. This box of equipment is always present at our installfests.
  • Tools and spare CMOS batteries were present.


  • The setup time was about 30 minutes with four members working. The tear down took about the same time with the same number of people. A minimum of two people is required.
  • Only one 8 port switch was used, however the larger switch should be retained in case additional people participate.
  • Spare RAM for both desktops and laptops was present and used to upgrade the memory in one of the computers. This should also always be present during future installfests.
  • The tools were used and should be present at future installfests.

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