Installfest 2019-11-02

The Cochise Linux User Group, CLUG, in conjunction with the Ubuntu Arizona Local Community Team, AZLOCO, conducted an Installation Festival on Saturday, 02 November at the Warrior Healing Center, 1838 Paseo San Luis, Sierra Vista AZ. Twenty people attended the event which resulted in four installs (2 Ubuntu, I Linux Mint, 1 MX Linux ). In addition there were 3 Ubuntu installs the previous day and three multiple monitor configurations for the Warrior Healing Center Operations Center. There was also a RAM upgrade for one of the computers in the Warrior Healing Center Computer Lab. Ubuntu lanyards as well as information about Free and Open Source Software, AZLOCO, and CLUG were distributed.


  • Coordination was done with the Warrior Healing Center for use of their main conference room on 13 September 2019.
  • Publicizing the event started approximately two months before the event and took the form of flyers that were posted in various locations around town and the Education Center on Fort Huachuca, posting a notice in the Cochise Trading Post, posting a notice on the Sierra Vista Herald/Review’s on line web site (, and sending copies of the flyer to the CLUG mailing list for distribution to their friends and neighbors and at their places of employment and worship.
  • Hardware for the event was on hand from previous Installfests that was donated by various members of the CLUG and AZLOCO . It was checked for proper functioning on 19 October 2019.
  • Installation media in the form of, DVDs and USB thumb drives, was on hand from previous Installfests and was updated to the new versions (Ubuntu 18.04.3 and Linux Mint 19.2).


  • The space in the main conference room at the Warrior Healing Center was more than adequate. This location can be used again at no cost to the organization. WiFi was adequate and wired Internet access was also available. However, determine the best layout for the tables because there were times when movement was very restricted. Assign specific locations for installs and other projects.
  • The large TV located in the room was not used. Hook up a computer to it so installers can research problems.
  • The updated installfest packet was again very useful. Update the post installation procedures.
  • Continue to expand the publication of the event to attract more participants. Look into the high schools and middle schools to see if we can expand in that area. Assign this as a project for one of the members.


  • Some of the group retired to Mod Pizza after the conclusion to enjoy some food and to critque the Installation Festival.

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