CLUG House Calls 2017-11-10 and 2017-11-11

Because of the publicity that the CLUG received for the last Installfest we received two telephone calls for assistance from a lady in Sierra Vista and a couple in Sunsites. Two members, Rex Bouwense and Louie Garcia went to the Sierra Vista location on Friday 10 November to install Ubuntu 16.04 over Microsoft Windows 10 on a laptop. She was also given the information on AZLOCO, CLUG, and Open Source Software.

On Saturday 11 November three members, Rex Bouwense, Louie Garcia, and Rose Leonard drove to Sunsites to provide assistance to a couple whose two laptop computers had already been updated by us - a Ubuntu 14.04 install (on the first one) and a version upgrade from Ubuntu 14.04 to Ubuntu 16.04 (on the second one).

The first computer merely had to be rebooted to eliminate the black flashes that appeared when moving from one web page to another using Firefox.

The second computer was only downloading the email headers and not the content in-spite of using POP3. After checking the settings of the email provider it was decided to use Thunderbird in lieu of Evolution as the client. Once we set it up and demonstrated to the individual that it was functioning properly, he was quite satisfied.

This couple from Sunsites, believe that there were enough people who live in Sunsites to make it worth while to schedule an Installfest there at some time in the future. They will investigate and report back to the group on the number who are interested and a location to hold the event.